Gun Refinishing – OEM Quality

Polishing and Bluing

shotgun small The Original Equipment Manufacturers finish. Just like what GunBlack provides to Remington, Marlin, FN, Ruger, H&R 1871 and the Department of Defense. Our Hot Blue process is the same process used by these original gun manufacturers. For refinishing we first prep the steel to remove any small scratches, light rust and blemishes in the surface before bluing. Our work is checked and rechecked by all our techs during every step of the reblue process. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Blast and Parkerizing

IMG_5869Barrels requiring a matte parkerized finish get stripped and bead blasted before coating to give a uniform, non-reflective, medium dark gray finish. Parkerizing is the preferred finish for military ordinance and law enforcement with superior corrosion resistant properties. Parkerizing or Manganese Phosphate, is a more durable coating that stands up to the harsh conditions that a firearm is subjected to. Bead blasting is an excellent way to remove scratches and rust and hide dings in the gun’s steel components and provides and excellent surface for the Parkerize coating. Please note that stainless steel components will not accept parkerize coating.

Repair work and gunsmithing on site

shotgun small Custom restoration for antiques/collectibles. Heirlooms reborn for gifting to grandchildren. GunBlack has gunsmithing on-site for repair work on all makes and models of guns. We have decades of experience. We take great pride in refinishing people’s favorite hunting tool. It is even more special to refurbish a family heirloom that can be handed down from parents to children and grandparents to grandchildren. Custom restoration of antiques and collectibles are also available.

Specialty projects

shotgun small This was a specialty project we did to restore a 75mm Howitzer cannon for a VFW in Houma, LA. We sand blasted and parkerized the barrel and breach, with components, to bring the weapon back to its original ordinance finish. They now display the cannon in front of their building and fire blank rounds during ceremonial occasions. With our 8′ Parkerizing tanks, long heavy barrels like these are no problem. Do you have a special piece of ordinance or antique that you would love to refurbish for display? Give us a call for consultation. Special thanks to the folks at for the pics of the assembled cannon!


All prices include return shipping and handling.

Gunsmith pricing available upon request

Bluing or Parkerizing gun parts. Does not include dis-assembly, steel prep or re-assembly.

Class 1 Service $250

Includes total dis-assembly of the firearm. Includes polish or glass beading and Bluing or Parkerizing to original specifications. Firearms are re-assembled, oiled and the action is tested.

Class 2 services… Quotation Required

Gun repair, Wood Refinishing.