Plating Services

Black Oxide Metal Finishing

Black Oxide is a chemical conversion coating for mild steel, steel alloys, heat treated steels and tool steels. Black Oxide is also available for stainless steel, copper, brass and bronze alloys.

Black Oxide is a chemical conversion coating that penetrates approximately two to three millionths of an inch into steel surfaces. This makes Black Oxide an ideal finish for machined parts with close tolerances. The process creates a deep, black surface with corrosion resistant properties that are enhanced with the addition of a water displacing, oil topcoat. Commonly used on firearms, Black Oxide is both a protective and cosmetic finish for hand tools, automotive parts and machine tools. GunBlack can Black Oxide steel up to 16′ long and process up to 15,000 pounds each day to meet customer demands. With the largest black oxide capacity in the northeast United States, GunBlack has large and small volume customers from Iowa¬†to Maine.

Manganese Phosphate Coating (Parkerize)

Parkerizing is available for mild steel, steel alloys, heat treated steels, cast iron, malleable and ductile iron casting. The Manganese Phosphate Coating results in a medium dark grey finish with superior corrosion resistance.

Manganese Phosphate (Parkerize) is a chemical conversion coating that adds 0.0002 to 0.0003 inches to steel and cast surfaces and provides excellent corrosion resistance. Manganese Phosphate can also be used as a base for subsequent coating or paint. Parkerizing provides superior corrosion resistance, lubricity and resistance to galling. These qualities make for an excellent coating on gears, hand and pneumatic tools, and firearms. Parkerizing is the preferred finish for military weaponry and ordnance. Manganese Phosphate is sometimes referred to as “Luberizing” when using the Parco trade name.


quality Our quality is in the color. Both Black Oxide and Manganese Phosphate Coating can be judged by their deep rich color. The better the color the better the protection.
We process parts from a variety of industries. Some of the most scrutinized products are sent to GunBlack because of our reputation for quality. Our customers in the gun industry trust us because of our consistent and reliable quality. We have been the trusted source for “Hot Gun Bluing” for gunsmiths and dealers around upstate New York for over two decades. You don’t have to put up with mediocre black oxide finishing from other suppliers. Contact us today.


GunBlack is second to none for customer service. Individual and bulk packaging are both offered along with drop shipments and emergency same day turnaround. Ask us how we can solve your production needs.

We have the best service in the metal finishing industry. We customize our service to fit each customer’s needs. Services like:

  • Specialized Tooling
  • Chemical and Abrasive Rust removal
  • Selective Masking
  • Sand Blasting
  • Wire Wheel Brushing
  • Salt Spray Testing
  • Special packaging
  • Drop Shipments

And we offer our customers a selection of corrosion resistant top coats like:

  • water displacing solvent based oil
  • Emulsified or soluble oil
  • Dry to the touch wax
  • Polymer and silicone based protective topcoats.

Let us know your production needs.


capacity GunBlack has three different production lines to accommodate different size parts. We offer Manganese Phosphate on parts up to 8 feet long and Black Oxide up to 16 feet long. We have the largest tanks in the Northeast and produce an average of 15,000 pounds of finished product each day. We offer one week turnaround for all our OEM customers and 24 hour turnaround time for emergencies.
At GunBlack, we pride ourselves on our service. We offer one week turnaround for all our OEM customers and 24 hour turnaround time for emergencies. We have rack and tumble (barrel) tooling and regularly design new tooling to better serve our customers. If you need Black Oxide or Manganese Phosphate Coating, GunBlack is the right company to meet your needs no matter how big or how small your orders are. We use three distinct plating lines capable of both Black Oxide and Manganese Phosphate, to provide our customers the “Just in Time” service they require.